YPAC Stands For Your Performing Arts Center

YPAC focuses on hierarchy of measures to create a Safer Studio™ environment beginning with requiring students and staff who are ill to stay home, followed by frequent hand washing and good hygiene practices, amplified cleaning, and making curricular and facility adaptations to minimizing contact and mingling.



At YPAC, we pride ourselves on teaching great technique, but we work equally as hard to teach kids to lead balanced and successful lives in the arts, academics, and community. As you become more involved in our center, you’ll find tangible ways in which we fulfill this goal. YPAC is a founding 15 member of an organization called More Than Just Great Dancing™. More Than Just Great Dancing™ is a licensed dance studio affiliation program that has a positive impact on over 120,000 dance students around the globe each week. We continue to apply all that we have learned from this organization throughout our communities of dance, music, theatre, tumbling and pom/cheer.

Kids should be kids.

You can count on us to provide age-appropriate
choreography, music and costumes.

Our Core Values

At YPAC, kindness matters. Whether between students or instructors, we place a high value on being considerate, encouraging, empathetic and respectful. That doesn’t mean that every action that occurs within these walls will meet our expectations, but it is a constant we strive to attain. We want YPAC to continue to be a positive center that uplifts our students, provides fun and positive experiences, practices grace (in movement and character), and offers exceptional opportunities to expand our students’ worlds. We invite you to join us in that effort.


Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography, so

please make every effort to attend each class. If your child will miss a class,

please report it through the parent portal in DanceStudio-Pro.


We ask students and parents not to speak negatively about one another or the

instructors. We want our language with one another to build each other up and

encourage each other to grow into our best selves at all times.


We all make mistakes, and we all have misunderstandings. Forgiveness

requires a conscious choice to be empathetic and compassionate.


Honesty is about more than telling the truth. It’s about being true to

ourselves in what we do, how we live, and how we relate to others.

Let’s keep it real with each other.


No one is perfect. Corrections give us a chance to improve ourselves and

become better students and leaders. Outside of classroom corrections,

when we make a mistake (we all do!), We own it, and do what we can to

make it right.


Learning new skills takes time and effort, and different movements will come

to you at different times. Students may not advance to the next graded

technique level as quickly as we’d hoped or at the same time as our friends.

We need to trust the instructors to know when we’re developmentally ready

to advance.


As one big family, we (parents and students alike) help each other out whether with

costume or hair issues, learning a new movement, or finding a Band-Aid for an owie.

YPAC is a community, and we are stronger together.

A Word About Bullying...

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. If you see it, tell us. BUT please first understand the difference between conflict and bullying.

Bullying Is...

Recurring | Deliberate | Involves an imbalance of power

Bullying Is Not...

Disliking someone | Excluding someone | Being bossy | Arguing

Accidentally hurting someone | Making a one-time joke about someone

If bullying is occurring at YPAC, we will swiftly address it. We cannot, however, control children’s behavior outside of our facility. If you experience a conflict with someone, go directly to that person to discuss your concerns. If the conflict cannot be resolved directly please contact your teacher or the front desk for assistance.




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