Wherever You Bring Your Child, We Believe There is a List of Things to Consider to Ensure the Wellbeing of Your Child When Signing Them Up for Any Youth Activity


At YPAC, our mission extends beyond nurturing talented performers; we aim to cultivate individuals who embody both excellence and goodness. Rooted in our values, we aspire for our staff to exemplify virtues that our students can emulate, fostering not just skillful artists but also compassionate individuals. By instilling these values, we envision a community where kindness thrives. YPAC is dedicated to shaping a culture that extends its influence beyond our walls, creating a ripple effect that contributes to a brighter and better future for all.


Love God, love people, love the YPAC mission! Remember everyone deserves love and everyone is loved by God.


Always be growing! Whether it is your skills, your business, you character, etc. Always improve yourself! 


Never settle! See WOW as the standard not the exception.


Don’t be hot and cold. Be consistently effective with the only change being your growth! 


Never act like you’re above any task, any help, any role, anyone. Don’t worry about getting the credit or a reward.


Find your way out of any problem with creative solutions. Find the potential in everything! 


Be able to read the room and figure out what is needed.


Be coachable. Never feel like you have reached the limit of what you can learn. Be eager to learn more!


Always be thankful! Give honor where honor is due. Give credit to the people who helped you along your path.


Take ownership of whatever you do. Act confidently! Be accountable for every failure and every success.


Be the kind of person that people look forward to working with! 


Be a person that people can trust! Make it easy for others to count on you without worry. 

OUR MISSION : To Give Every Child Access to the Arts


Encourage self-expression, build confidence, and enhance physical fitness as your child explores various dance styles, fostering creativity and coordination.

Immerse your child in the world of storytelling, nurturing their imagination, communication skills, and self-confidence through the captivating art of theatre.

Cheer and Tumbling:
Promote teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness through the dynamic and spirited activities of cheer and tumbling, fostering strength and agility.

Cultivate a lifelong appreciation for music, while developing discipline and focus through instrumental instruction, ensemble experiences, and the creative outlets of songwriting and music production.

Unlock the potential within your child through the transformative power of performing arts at Your Performing Arts Center (YPAC). From the graceful movements of dance to the vibrant expressions of theatre, the energy and athleticism of cheer and tumbling, to the harmonious world of music, our diverse programs offer a myriad of benefits.


Welcome to the YPAC, where professionalism and dedicated training define our team. Committed to partnering with families, we strive to nurture happy and healthy kids through a knowledgeable and caring approach.

Our team’s expertise and passion create a supportive environment, ensuring the best for your child’s growth and well-being. 

Join us in fostering a bright future for your family with YPAC’s exceptional team.


  • Program Details
    • Research the specific youth activity program to understand its goals, objectives, and activities.
    • Check the age and eligibility requirements to ensure your child meets them.
    • Determine the duration and frequency of the program (e.g., weekly, monthly, seasonal).
    • Understand the program’s schedule, including start and end times.
  • Safety Measures
    • Inquire about the safety protocols in place, such as supervision, first-aid, and emergency procedures.
    • Ensure the organization has background checks and screening processes for staff and volunteers.
  • Location
    • Verify the location of the activity and consider the proximity to your home or school.
    • Check if there are any transportation arrangements or if you need to drop off/pick up your child.
  • Cost and Fees
    • Understand the program’s cost, including registration/membership fees, equipment, and any additional expenses.
  • Instructors and Staff
    • Learn about the qualifications and experience of the instructors or coaches.
    • Check if the organization provides training for its staff in child safety and development.
  • Communication
    • Determine how the program communicates with parents, such as newsletters, emails, texts or meetings.
    • Ensure you have contact information for program coordinators and emergency contacts.
  • Equipment and Supplies
    • Find out if you need to purchase any equipment or supplies for the activity.
    • Check if the program provides any necessary gear or uniforms.
  • Health and Medical Considerations
    • Inform the program about any allergies, medical conditions, or special needs your child has.
    • Ensure there is a medical plan in place for emergencies, and provide necessary medical information.
  • Rules and Expectations
    • Discuss the rules, code of conduct, and expectations with your child.
    • Understand any attendance policies and consequences for not following them.
  • Parent Involvement
    • Determine if there are opportunities for parents to get involved in the program or attend events.
    • Ask about volunteering opportunities if you’re interested in participating.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policies
    • Familiarize yourself with the program’s cancellation and refund policies in case your child can’t continue.
  • Feedback and Reviews
    • Read reviews or talk to other parents who have enrolled their children in the same program.
    • Consider their feedback and experiences.
  • Trial Period
    • If possible, inquire if there’s a trial period or a chance for your child to try the activity before committing long-term.
  • Child’s Interests
    • Ensure that the activity aligns with your child’s interests, talents, and goals.
    • Ask your child’s opinion and gauge their enthusiasm for the activity.
  • Legal Documentation
    • Review and complete all necessary registration forms, waivers, and permissions.
    • Keep copies of these documents for your records.
  • Insurance
    • Confirm whether the program has liability insurance that covers participants.
  • Feedback Mechanisms
    • Understand how the program collects feedback and addresses concerns from parents and participants.
  • Alternative Activities
    • Explore other youth activity options to ensure you choose the one that best suits your child’s needs and interests.