Conservatory Dance

Take it to the next level with the Conservatory Dance Program! Dancers who display exemplary skills are selected to join and begin the path of mastery. There are several programs for different types of dancers including: tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, and more. Students can be a part of the GT (Graded Technique) program led by our prestigious ballet instructors. Students can also join one of our competitive dance teams (the Collective or the Petite Elite) and perform at ATTA Connection. Finally, students have the opportunity to be a part of different productions such as our annual production of the Nutcracker.

Conservatory Theatre

Shine on stage with the Theatre Conservatory Program – Also known as the YPAC Theatre Company (YTC)! Students in the YTC must audition for a role in the cast of one of our productions. Afterward, YTC students are guaranteed one of the lead roles in that production! Wonderful for students who want to be responsible for memorizing more lines, have larger singing roles, and more complex choreography.

Conservatory Music

Branch out in the world of music with our Conservatory Music Program! After at least 1 year of private music lessons, students who display dedication and outstanding skill will be invited to join this program to further their growth. Our Gig Out & Grow and Gig 2 Grow programs provide performance opportunities for our voice students at local venues. Students can also be a part of  the Rock & Grow Conservatory band where students join together as a rock ensemble and perform at local venues. Finally, our program is excellent for students who want experience in songwriting and recording.