Conservatory Dance

Step into the spotlight with the YPAC Conservatory Dance Program, an extraordinary and immersive experience designed to elevate dancers to their fullest potential. Our program stands as a beacon for those who seek not only technical mastery but also an exploration of the depths of artistic expression through dance. This program requires evaluation to be considered.

Conservatory Theatre

Step into the captivating world of the YPAC Conservatory Theatre Program, where your journey to becoming a seasoned performer begins. Our program is a stage for imagination, creativity, and artistic growth, designed to shape aspiring actors into skilled, confident, and versatile artists. This program requires evaluation to be considered. 

Conservatory Music

Step into the harmonious world of the YPAC Conservatory Music Program, where your passion for music takes center stage and transforms into an extraordinary journey of artistic growth. Our program is built on excellence, carefully composed to empower aspiring musicians with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration needed to thrive in the dynamic realm of music. This program requires evaluation to be considered and involvement of at least 1 year of private music lessons