Why a Dress Code??

  • Confidence: Children are more confident in the classroom when they don’t have to worry about what to wear today.
  • Character: Students learn to focus on the attributes within versus appearance as they interact with their peers.
  • Consistency: Students learn to follow a weekly routine and structure with their dance classes. The physical preparation with dress code is used as a reminder to mentally prepare for class with focus and a positive mindset.
  • Safety: As our center strives to be safety-conscious for all of our students, having color-coded classes allows us to be prepared for quick head counts in an emergency situation and to better keep track of our students in the event of an evacuation.

How to Order:

Find your class on the images to identify the dress code items you’ll need for class. You can find your own matching items online or at local stores or take advantage of shopping options below.

The Nimbly Shop has available items separated by class. 

Shop Most Items Online at https://www.shopnimbly.com/ypacarts

Purchase Capezio or Bloch Shoes and Optional Items at Discount Dance Supply: https://discountdance.com/

Use Affiliate Code: 133842

Purchase all Tights Here: https://www.taglesstights.com/

For Conservatory Tap or Tap Academy Shoes, or Dress Code Option 2 Shirts email [email protected]. Sizing Samples of the Leotards and Shirts are in the Lobby at YPAC Downtown. 

To be sized and purchase Capezio and Bloch shoes locally, try Dance N’ Tees, 3124 Route 59, Naperville. (this is especially a great option if your child has a sudden growth spurt or loses a shoe right before a show)




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