December 17, 2022

Showtime: 2:00pm

Dancing Santas & Conservatory Tap Run Through 11:30am

Music Students Soundcheck: 12:00pm

Theater Students Soundcheck/Run Through: 12:30pm

Dance Students: Report Times As Follows

  •  Collective & Teaching Assistants: 11:30am
  • Tumble Kids, Tumbling Academy, Hip Hop CREW, Tap Academy, Ballet Academy, Dance Team for Teens: 1:00pm
  • All Hip & Flip Kids, Tippy Toes, Tap Jr, Tutus & Tumble, Jazz/Lyrical Academy: 1:10pm
  • Teeny Toes, Hip & Flip Boys, Hip Hop Academy, Jazz & Jump Kids: 1:20pm
  • All Combo Kids, Ballet Kids, Musical Theater Dance: 1:30pm
Location: Community Commons 
24035 W Riverwalk Ct., Plainfield, IL 

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ.


Since there will be winter weather in full swing please use the MAIN ENTRANCE doors to enter the building (not the orange student drop off). Check-in will be to the right when you walk in (look for the pink flag). 

We will use the KidCheck program to safely check-in and out each student so be sure to bring your key-tag for a quicker and easier check-in process. If you have not yet gotten your key-tag, see a host at any of our locations to be issued one. 

Please arrive at your above assigned check-in block on time to keep things running smoothly. 

Please remember to be patient as we prioritize safety and a positive experience for each child throughout the day. 

If you have questions or need assistance, see a staff or volunteer in a YPAC shirt! 


Parking Map


We will have 2 Check-out Stations and both will utilize KidCheck for a safe and secure checkout. In order to avoid a backup, please send 1 parent to check in with your key-tag to quickly scan out your child. 

Check Out A will be in the auditorium to the left of the stage (off stage right). You will see a purple check out sign! 

  • Check Out A Group includes: all students in the 2nd half of the show.
  •  All Music Students
  • Dancers from Jazz/Lyrical Academy, Hip & Flip Boys, Hip Hop Academy, Jazz & Jump Kids, Combo Kids, Musical Theater Academy, Ballet Kids, & Dance Team for Teens


Check Out B will be in the foyer to the left of the front desk at the double doors. You will see the teal check out sign!

  • Check Out B Group includes: all students in the 1st half of the show.
  • All Theater Students
  • Dancers from Tumble Kids, Academy Tumblers, Hip Hop CREW, Teeny Toes, Tap Jr, Hip & Flip Kids, Tippy Toes, Tap Academy, Tutus & Tumble, & Ballet Academy.


All Teacher Training Experience Students and Dancing Santa’s will be checked out in the auditorium after they have assisted with checking out all other students.