December 10th, 2022 (See Schedule)

In-Studio Run Through Location:

YPAC Downtown 

Each class will be given a short block of time during which they need to check-in and be present for their turn to rehearse.

They will be checked out at the end of their scheduled block 

(just like when they come to class).

Please see the full schedule and procedures below. 

Consider having your child use the potty before rehearsal. This helps things run more smoothly and stay on schedule.

Also please consider sending your child with a water bottle with their name on it as they may run their routine several times.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off:

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time as it can take time to check in each child. 

Check-in will run exactly as it does on class days with the KidCheck program scanning in each child, who will get their sticker to wear for the duration of rehearsal.

They should wear their class dress code and use the potty before rehearsal as we will have limited staff and lots of potty breaks can cause us to run behind.  

Pick Up:

Pick up will take place at the end of their assigned rehearsal block.

Check-out will run exactly as it does on class days using the KidCheck program in the lobby. Please be patient as we carefully and safely check-out each child. 

Please remember to not send extra personal belongings with your child and check to make sure you have all shoes, coats, etc prior to leaving the center. 


Schedule UPDATED!