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The YPAC Dance Performing Groups can find a continuous stream of updated information for all performing groups including: 

The Petite Elite

The Collective

Conservatory Tap

For General Information or Nutcracker-related information we recommend you visit the Main Conservatory Page or the Nutcracker Page.

Practice Music - In Progress

Practice Videos - In Progress

Note: Many of these routines will have multiple videos which can be accessed here
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Important Dates for Petite Elite

  • Jan 27th The Brave Project Production: 
  • March 9th In-Studio Rehearsal for Tribute Competition
  • March 15-17th (Times TBA) Tribute National Talent Competition
  • April 13th YEP Pictures
  • April 26-28 ATTA Connection Convention & 2nd Chance to Dance
  • May 20-21st Graded Technique (GT) Spring Evaluations
  • June 1st 2024-2025 Performing Groups Auditions @ YPAC Downtown
  • June 7th: YEP Dress Rehearsal
  • June 8th: Year End Production
  • June 10-14: Choreography Week

Petite Elite Make-Up

Petite Elite Hairstyle