“DETAILS Create The Big Picture!” – Sanford Weill

If you’re new to the YES Success blog series, we have been highlighting the key components to a successful Year End Show! You can catch up on all the other segments by clicking HERE!

Keeping track of all of the details for the Year End Show is one of the most important parts. A production like this is just made up of a bunch of moving parts and small details woven together into a beautiful tapestry! Although each detail seems small, they all come together to form a unique and memorable Year End Show performance for dancers and their families alike.

YES Detail 1: Tights

All tights are included with your costume pack. The tights are a specific color and brand. YPAC is the only place that carries this brand, and extra tights are advised. If you would like to purchase extra tights please notify the Host if tights are not in stock and they will be able to assist you!

YES Detail 2: Shoes

Prior to the show, make sure that all shoes are cleaned and looking their best! All correct shoes need to be purchased by May 15th. Your child will receive a note home if they are wearing the incorrect shoes. You can check out dress code information HERE and double check that your dancer has the right shoes and is ready to shine on stage!

YES Detail 3: Hair and Make-up

The Year End Show is performed on stage, complete with stage lighting! Therefore, we ask all female students to wear makeup for the show: red lipstick, blush, eye shadow (not blue), and mascara. For the boys, a little blush works well. We do want our little ones to look natural, so although a little make-up is suggested, a lot is unnecessary. Uniform hairstyles are required. This style is on your costume information sheet found on your Studio Director account! Dancers with short hair must pull their hair away from the face and slick it down.

Although these details seem small, every little piece of the production adds up to one amazing day for our dancers. Just like we’ve said before, we try to incorporate the lessons we teach at the center and pieces of our YPAC culture into everything we do. This is a truly valuable lesson for our students to learn–details matter! The bigger picture can never come together if we ignore the details. We promise you that with the Year End Show, the details make the difference!