“As we have talked about before, Amelia has some muscle tone issues.  When she said she wanted to cheer I was not excited about putting her in one of those huge groups of girls that I have heard about.  It was so exciting for us when you opened the class a YPAC.  When the class started Amelia loved it from the start, but couldn’t put all the moves together to do even a forward roll.  Sometimes people or coaches look at her with pity or can’t understand why something that seems so simple could take such effort from an eight year old child.  Amanda never looked at Amelia like that.  She has worked with her going over and over the pieces of the puzzle for Amelia to complete a forward roll.  Last week Amelia got it!  She was so proud and I could see the joy on Miss Amanda’s face as well.  The other aspects of the class are helpful for Amelia too.  Learning dance moves and cheer moves all help her muscle memory and increase her confidence.  This also helps her socially with her friends at school.  Lots of them are very athletic and Amelia can sometimes feel a bit left out.  Since starting the cheer class she has exhibited more confidence with her friends, too.  Thank you so much for this program and for keeping the class open!”
– Alicia Gauss

First of all- thank you so much for allowing me to fill in while Savi’s daddy is out of town. He’s just started a new job, so there was no way around this trip! We really appreciate your help so that he can still participate!

Second- I just wanted to say that I love what you’ve accomplished with YPAC. Every event we’ve attended, class Savi has participated in, teacher or staff we’ve come across– everything is top notch. I’m so excited that Savi has joined such an amazing community at such a young age- I know that she’ll do great things with YPAC. Great job Mama!!!

-Kristen Preuss

Just a quick note to say great job on the YES Music performance.  We enjoyed seeing all that has been accomplished by both the kids and leaders!

I particularly appreciated Miss Emily’s comments at the end of the program about modestly, confidence and the age appropriate nature of all that was presented.  I had noticed these things during the program and was impressed, having them called out for all those present was a special bonus.

 Thank you for creating such a great community for growth and connection.

-Lenora Salazar

We choose YPAC because we love the family-friendly atmosphere, the amazing teachers who have high expectations of every child who walks through the doors but teach them with kindness and acceptance. We love the high quality options and being part of a community that feels more like a family, and most of all that YPAC is teaching our children to be responsible leaders and to change the world for the better.


Modesty, grace, compassion, hard work, determination and professional instruction are what my kids have learned and experienced. Some things that I think is irreplaceable.


The minute we walked through the doors of YPAC three years ago my kids immediately felt like they were part of a family! They are in an environment that makes them feel loved! The message YPAC teaches my kids mirror what we teach at home. Besides the amazing people that walk through the doors at YPAC, the dance education is out of this world! My kids grow with every experience and every class they take! Great teachers and great leadership!! My pac is YPAC!!!


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