The Top 3 Reasons to Dance with Your Daughter


Like the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. When you have a newborn or you’re dreaming of having kids, you don’t realize just how fast the time goes. But now that you’re in it, you can probably agree that time really does FLY. As parents, but especially as dads, we spend a lot of time working outside the home, working around the house, running our kids from activity to activity, sitting in the bleachers cheering them on, or across the table from them helping with homework…but how often do we join our kids in doing what they love the most? How often do we get the chance to come alongside them and enjoy their hobbies and passions with them?! The Daddy Daughter Dance is the perfect opportunity to carve out some quality time with your daughter while you learn the routine at rehearsal, practice it at home, and perform it on stage together! While time is flying by, we have to make sure to create the space and time to do these things with our kids and create memories that will last a lifetime. We hope you join us for the Daddy Daughter Dance and spend this quality time with your daughter making priceless memories and enjoying something that is near and dear to her heart…YPAC!


Let’s be real for a second. How often do we get to let loose and have fun alongside our kids? It’s not that we don’t want to, but we just don’t get the chance that often to truly have some carefree fun. Getting up on stage is FUN! Whether you are always tearing up the dance floor or standing on the sidelines watching, we can promise you that you will have a blast with the Daddy Daughter Dance. It isn’t just about getting up on the stage, either. During rehearsals you will have a great time learning the dance with your daughter and hanging out with other YPAC dads. At home, you can continue the fun practicing the dance with your daughter and get yourselves ready for your big debut! During the Year End Show, you will share the stage with your daughter and show off everything you have learned alongside the other dads and daughters you got to know through rehearsal. Being part of the Daddy Daughter Dance is really just a FUN experience…there is no other way to put it!


Of course you know what YPAC is all about because that’s probably why your family chose YPAC in the first place! But do you really know what YPAC is all about? You’ve experienced it as a parent, but the Daddy Daughter Dance gives you the unique opportunity to experience it from the perspective of a student! You will learn from a YPAC instructor in a YPAC classroom. You will get to see the teamwork, kindness, energy, and excitement of a YPAC rehearsal. You will get to experience the camaraderie of the students and parents in a new way. You will practice your dance and experience the excitement and nerves that go along with getting on stage and putting your best foot forward. Your daughter has seen a side of YPAC that you haven’t and we are excited to get to show that to you! We know that after participating in the Daddy Daughter Dance, you will love YPAC in a whole different way because you will understand why your daughter loves it. You and your daughter will share that unique perspective of knowing just why YPAC is such a special place!

So…will you join us?! Are you ready to spend some quality time with your daughter, have fun in rehearsal on stage, and experience what YPAC is all about in a brand new way?! We can’t wait to see you at the center and help you get ready for the Year End Show!