YES Success #7: SUPPORT!

Behind every successful child is someone supporting their efforts!

If you’re new to the YES Success blog series, we have been highlighting the key components to a successful Year End Show! You can catch up on all the other segments by clicking HERE!

The Year End Show is an important and memorable event for everyone involved from our veteran students and families to our first-year ballerinas, from moms and dads to grandparents, and everyone in between. We have in place some great YES supports that will not only make the memory last a lifetime for you and your student, but will also remind your student that you are behind him or her in their efforts! Another key component to the Year End Show, you will find below some different ways to support your dancer!

YES Success: Class/Individual Pictures

One of the best ways for your student to remember his or her year of dancing with friends and learning new things is the class and individual picture! Pictures this year are on May 4th and are mandatory for all students. More information about picture day can be found in your custom YES letter! Make sure to confirm your child’s time on the updated schedule to be distributed with your costumes.

A detailed schedule will be uploaded to the website with the day and time your child’s photos will be taken. Please arrive at least a 15-30 min before your child’s scheduled time since photo shoots tend to run ahead of schedule. Photo order forms will be available for parents or guardians who wish to purchase photos.

After the group photo shoot, students may choose to have solo portraits taken in any or all of their costumes. There is no obligation to purchase photos.

YES Success: DVD Purchase

YPAC collaborates with a professional videographer to provide a DVD recording of the Year End Show each year! Students love to relive the Year End Show and they are also great for loved ones who are unable to attend. You can purchase a DVD HERE on our special YES website!

YES Success: T-Shirts

Your Performing Arts Center commemorative YES t-shirts are made available for purchase for parents. Each participant in the YES will receive 1 free t-shirt which will be worn for pick up and at the Fourth of July Parade in Yorkville. The professionally designed shirt must be preordered, and we encourage all families to show support for the center by purchasing a YES t-shirt. If you are interested in purchasing a YES shirt, you can do so at!

YES Success: Tickets

Ticket pre-sales dates are noted on your YES Information Letter! Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 if purchased at the door.  All center accounts must be paid in full (current) before family members may receive or purchase YES tickets. To create an organized and professional atmosphere, all tickets are reserved seating. Each audience member must have a reserved seat. Children under the age of two are allowed to sit on an adult’s lap. Our shows are considered family entertainment and are less than two hours in length. Tickets can be purchased HERE once they are available!

YES Success: Awards and Recognition!

We want our students to know that we appreciate and admire the dedication that they have to dance and the arts! During the Year End Shows, we recognize students who have dedicated their time to dance for 5, 10, and 15 years or more. This doesn’t just mean at YPAC, but their dancing journey in its entirety. A short graduation ceremony for our 7 year olds graduating from our Children’s program into our Foundations or Graded Technique Program will also take place. Lastly, Graduating seniors will be recognized during our Yorkville Purple Show only and introduced onstage with their guardians.

YES Success: Magic Messages

Each year YPAC will publish a playbill for the Year-End Show. This playbill is also a commemorative book for the students and their families. Many families send their dancer a special note of congratulations in our ”Magic Messages” and commercial ads that are available for purchase. All families have the opportunity to purchase these ads; participation is encouraged but not required. Don’t forget to let Grandma, Grandpa, family, and friends know how they can show their support as well! You can purchase Magic Messages HERE on our special YES website!

When our kids put effort into something, they need to know that we are behind them supporting them. Maybe that means inviting everyone to purchase a ticket and cheering them on from the seats. Maybe that means wearing your YES t-shirt and or re-watching the YES DVD with your student and pointing out the things your loved.

One thing is for sure, when everyone puts the children first, the show experience is one they’ll never forget. We appreciate your support of your student and of YPAC and we know that our Year End Show this year will be another unforgettable experience for our students, families, and the YPAC team!