Hello there!

In the midst of our 5th Anniversary season, we taken time to reflect on all that has happened these last 5 years. It has been a great adventure with you and we have shared many key milestones together. A few that stand out include opening YPAC Yorkville North in 2013, offering lessons in Dance, Music and Theatre, producing a variety of shows including a broadway musical with a live orchestra and our very first full-length ballet. YPAC has been serving our communities through a number of performing groups including PEER, ID Company, Ready Set Dance, our Music Experience bands, Candy Cane Choir, and more. We also launched an annual event, The Brave Project, allowing YPAC and its students to give back generously with their talents and act on their social conscience. To date, The Brave Project has raised over $65,000 towards various causes. Over the last 2 years, we have launched the 2 new communities of Cheer and Tumbling, all while expanding the YPAC culture to new locations including Plainfield and Yorkville Downtown.

Whether you have been with us since 2013 or have recently joined us in 2018, we hope your family has been blessed by the YPAC community. We are so thankful for your involvement in our arts community. By investing in YPAC you are investing in your children and hundreds of children throughout all of our communities. You are also helping us carry out our mission to give every child access to the arts. As you can attest, we’re more than just great dancing, music, theatre, cheer, and tumbling. We’re also a training ground for unveiling leaders, developing confidence, affirming self respect and worth, modeling generosity and at times simply a refuge and haven for those seeking to find their place in this world. So thank you!!

In order to fully carry out our mission to give every child access to the arts, we have begun to put together an expansion project that will serve our families and community in a big way! We can’t unveil all of the big news just yet, however we can begin to plan strategically for it! One of the easiest ways this can happen is to eliminate unnecessary costs in our YPAC budget so that money can be used to better serve you and all of our families.

One of these costs we’ve identified is in our credit card processing fees. For the past five years, YPAC has absorbed these fees without passing them on to our customers, and in turn we have paid thousands a month for these fees. We know this is a cost of doing business in this day and age, and we are happy to offer the convenience of credit card payments to our customers. However, we would love to better allocate these funds for YPAC facilities and programs that directly impact our community. One solution we’ve identified is to have our customers pay by EFT or ACH from their banking accounts. This will save those thousands of dollars, eliminate the need to ask families to pay credit card processing fees, and most importantly, allow us to use those savings toward improved facilities and better programming. Our system is already set up to do this and some of you are using it already. It’s completely secure and PCI compliant.

We know not everyone will be able to make this switch, but if we can get the greater part of our families to transition to this form of payment, it will make a significant impact from which we’ll all benefit. Please consider if this is something you can do. We encourage you to watch this short video which demonstrates how easy and quickly this can be accomplished. You can either call the office and we can walk you through setting it up, or you can find everything online in your Studio Director account. And if you’re thinking about it but have questions or concerns please reach out and we can address those right away.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!