“Preparation is the one thing that stands out between success or scrambling.” – Emily Weber

If you’re new to the YES Success blog series, we have been highlighting the key components to a successful Year End Show! You can catch up on all the other segments by clicking HERE!

The Year End Show isn’t just a one day activity! As you can probably tell by now, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into the production. If you want to be successful instead of scrambling on the day of the Year End Show, there are a few things that we suggest you do!

YES Prep: YES Information Letter/Other Communications

The best way to be prepared for all of the events leading up to the Year End Show and the day of the production is to read all communications and save them in a place where you will be able to access them easily. We mentioned the YES letter before, but it’s worth mentioning again! The YES letter is specifically tailored for each YPAC Dance Community student and has a wealth of information in it! We also communicate via the newsletter, emails, our YES web page, and the Facebook group. Try to stay up to date and informed so that you feel prepared and your student feels prepared!

YES Prep: Costume and Accessories

There is nothing like scrambling the day of a production to find missing pieces or get extra tights or shoes. Being prepared with costumes, shoes, and accessories far in advance will make for a calm and fun experience on the day of pictures, dress rehearsal, and the Year End Show!

YES Prep: Dressing Room Etiquette

In order to make the YES a success, we also ask that you prep your child with dressing room etiquette. Students must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms.The students will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage or in the auditorium, so please urge your student to keep them organized and clean. No food or drink is allowed in the dressing rooms. Snacks and water will be provided by YPAC.

Preparation is truly a key to success! If you are prepared ahead of time, you are going to feel more confident, calm, and collected, and make every experience more memorable and fun. No one wants to feel scrambled or overwhelmed, and we especially don’t want you to feel that way!