ID Company: Star Systems Recap

ID Company: Star Systems Recap

Awesome Job ID!
Congratulations once again to all ID members for a job well done at StarSystems. It was one of the largest regional events YPAC has ever participated in with close to 700 entries. I know the schedule was not the easiest and the competition was tough, but our dancers performed beautifully. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Alex Tobin-7th overall, Junior Shooting Star Solos
Natalie Heldmann-8th overall, Mini Super Star Solos
Before The Day is Done-2nd overall, Teen Super Star Duet/Trios
Alyssa Bulin-5th overall, Senior Super Star Solos
Do You Love Me-4th overall, Mini Shooting Star Small Groups
Rise Up-2nd overall, Junior Super Star Lines
Scarlett Nash-2nd overall, Teen Super Star Solos

Solo critiques were sent out yesterday. For anyone that has struggled with trying to open them, I had success when using Adobe Flash Player and QuickTime.

Our 3rd and final competition is VIP, May 5-7th at Batavia Fine Arts Center. The schedule should be released sometime next week.

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