Just like every kid needs a coach, at YPAC we believe that every parent needs a partner outside the home who cares about your children and wants what is best for them. It is cliche to say that it “takes a village” but really…it does. We can not raise our kids alone, literally because we can’t follow them to every activity they go to, but figuratively because that is lonely and hard! Kids need coaches who are willing and able to partner with us as parents, and a partner is someone with a common goal. The goal at YPAC isn’t to just instruct kids in the arts. Not every kid is going to grow up to be a professional artist. But every kid is going to grow up to be an adult, and that is what we are fostering at YPAC…the arts are just our vehicle, and we are so privileged to be co-piloting with you!

Every parent needs a partner…
        Accountability: We know what we teach our kids at home and we know what we expect of them when we are around. But we need people to carry those expectations on for us in other areas of our kids’ lives! We need other adults to hold them accountable, teach them responsibility, and have expectations for them. Our kids learn from us, but they learn even better from other people and meeting the expectations of teachers and coaches they respect.

        Values: At YPAC, we value what you value. Among our values are family first, kindness, compassion, and service to the community and others. We know that as YPAC parents you are working hard to instill these values in your kids at home every day, and when they come to YPAC, you can be sure that we are doing the same. And to top it off, we aren’t just teaching them about these things, but we are leading by example. We are treating our team members and students with kindness and we are putting our own families first and we make sure our students know that.

        Support: Sometimes parenting can get lonely. (If it never gets lonely for you, tell us your secrets!!) But realistically, it can be a lonely job. Sometimes your kids aren’t your biggest fan. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions (okay…a lot of the time!). Sometimes you just need someone to reinforce what you are doing at home. Many of our YPAC parents are working full time and running their kids to activities and balancing so many different balls in the air at all times and we know that and we understand it. We are here to support you as parents and as friends! When you join YPAC you become part of a community, but really you become part of a family. And as an extension of your family, we are here to support you and your kids, always!

Every kid needs a coach and every parent needs a partner. These aren’t just catchy phrases for us. These are at the heart of every interaction we have with our students and families at YPAC. Giving every child access to the arts means providing meaningful coaching that translates to real life, and supporting parents in raising their kids as best we can.