Every kid needs a coach. How do I know? Because, like most things in my life, I learned it the hard way. As a child, I grew up with one of the greatest coaches of all time. The sad thing is that it took me 25 years to realize it. This man saw both my strengths and weaknesses. He mastered the ability to break down the basics, something monotonous that I resented. He held me accountable every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm on the pitcher’s mound with five-gallon buckets of softballs, which he always refilled a second time. This man, my dad, is still the greatest coach of my life and I was reminded of this last month during his visit. He is why I believe every kid needs a great coach.

A great coach has another set of eyes; a different perspective to see even the smallest things needed to be adjusted in order to succeed.

A great coach creates a process; to reverse engineer the end goal into daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly rhythms and a great coach provides accountability; to prevent getting off course, knowing the ultimate outcome is determined by consistency.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I, like my dad, am a coach. A coach for dancers, a coach for entrepreneurs, for leadership teams and naturally, a coach for my own kids. My kids get my coaching every day in our home.

One day, I had an eye-opening experience after kicking my own daughter out of my dance classroom. I was failing as both a mom AND a coach. I realized that day that EVERY kid needs a coach. Every kid needs another set of eyes and a different perspective. Someone to help drive their success and accountability. My kids need a coach that I, as a parent, can partner with.

A new day has come where it is so important to equip our kids with a mindset that determines weakness as opportunity not failure.

A new day has come where we must teach our kids to trust the process over progress because progress will come from the process.

A new day has come where we should be models taking action with accountability; making all adversities an advantage to learn, grow, and be better. Not bitter.

A new day has come. Every kid needs a coach. Who will you partner with?

Here is to a new day,

ATTA Girl!

Emily Weber

PS: I offer you a challenge. Trust who you choose. Trust is the only true way to the top.