Failure is a dress rehearsal for success!

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Don’t you wish you could have a dress rehearsal for all the important moments in your life? That would be great. We don’t always get that though, do we? So if we are going to try to teach life lessons in everything we do at YPAC, is there a life lesson hiding behind the idea of the dress rehearsal?!

Of course there is! Although we don’t get a dress rehearsal for a job interview or a work presentation, we learn so much from the dress rehearsal opportunities we do get in life. And we learn how to recreate that for ourselves when the situation doesn’t allow for it.

We can put on our best interview attire and have a friend ask interview questions. We can practice our work presentation in the living room for anyone willing to listen. Providing students a chance to fail, practice, fall short, gain confidence, test the water, and get prepared is prepping them to do that for themselves in LIFE!

YES Success: Dress Rehearsal

YPAC is a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them. The YES is a great way to learn life lessons about failure and mistakes and rising above and learning! Participation in the dress rehearsal is a key to YES success and it is mandatory for all students.  The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costumes, and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so the YES production can run smoothly for all involved.

One of the main objectives of our curriculum is to teach the spirit of teamwork and commitment to classmates. When children miss the rehearsal, the result can be confusion for the remaining students as an absence affects spacing and timing. Not to mention, the other students in class just expect their teammates to be there as supportive friends!

YES Success: Why Dress Rehearsal?

  • The stage is much larger than the classroom and is often intimidating to the children. The stage lights can be frightening and disorienting to young children.
  • Modifications to the choreography can be made at dress rehearsal. A student who misses the rehearsal will not have the chance to practice any of the changes onstage.
  • Students often rely on the classroom mirrors to help them with spacing and formations. Having the chance to dance without the security of the mirror before the performance is very important for their confidence.
  • Students have the chance to practice their stage entrances and exits and get used to being in such a large space.
  • Confidence is critical to a successful performance. The dress rehearsal offers your child the chance to feel ready for the show.
  • This is also a chance to practice in the costume to feel what it feels like to move in it.
  • The dress rehearsal is the only opportunity for parents to videotape or
  • take pictures of the show.

YES Success: Dress Rehearsal Guests

One parent or guardian may accompany each student to the dress rehearsal, and will watch from the auditorium seating. Please, no siblings who do not dance. Additional attendees at the dress rehearsal must pay the full cost of a YES ticket.

YES Success: Dress Rehearsal Audience Etiquette

Enthusiastic applause is encouraged; however, it is never appropriate to scream out a child’s name or yell in any way.

Children should not bring handheld electronic games or other devices with sounds and/or lights that could be a distraction for other audience members.

Because we present a professional performance in a professional venue, we ask that everyone remain seated during the entire performance. If you do leave the auditorium during the show you will be allowed back into the auditorium only between dances.

The use of video or flash photography is strictly prohibited during the show. It is important that you pass this policy on to your show guests.

What a great opportunity we have to teach our kids about failure and mistakes, practicing and confidence, being part of a team and supporting their teammates, and so much more, through a simple dress rehearsal. This is a great chance for you to use the arts to deepen the values you are already teaching your kids every day at home!