“The road to success is through COMMITMENT.” – Will Smith

The first key to YES success is being committed, and we know that that commitment goes both ways! We are committed as the YPAC team to making your experience the best it can, to providing access to the arts to as many students as we can, and to carrying out the YPAC culture in the center and in our lives. Commitment is a team effort, though, and we need parents and students to be committed, too!


One of the most important commitments that we make during Year End Show preparation is a commitment to communication! We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Communication is one of our primary goals. Our YES letter is uniquely tailored for each dancer at YPAC and helps to get the busy season of pictures and rehearsals and production off on the right foot! Be sure to print or save your personalized YES letter and keep it somewhere safe so you can refer to it throughout the process! In addition, newsletters and important updates are posted on our exclusive YES page as well as in our Facebook group.

Do your best to stay knowledgeable of all of the important information we are sending out. Our goal is to make the show an organized and exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort: students, parents, teachers, volunteers and the director are key players in the show’s success.

An important final thought on communication…never be afraid to ask questions! Whether it is your first YES or you are a veteran YPAC family, we want to make this process fun and seamless and we are here to help!


During class time students will be learning the choreography for their YES performance. To ensure that the students feel confident about their performance, we ask parents and guardians to encourage them to rehearse their YES choreography on a regular basis. At various points throughout the choreography process (usually between April and May), parents are invited to videotape choreography at the end of class to assist the students when practicing at home. Please watch for these dates in the newsletters – they are the Parent Observation Weeks in April and May.

It is a great habit to teach students at a young age that practice makes perfect, but more importantly, that practice builds confidence and shows commitment. The more a dancer practices choreography, the more he or she will feel ready and confident to perform! As teachers, we love to know that our students are dedicated to the process and invested in their performance!


The only way for dancers to be prepared for the Year End Show and to truly be a team player in their classes is to commit to coming to all Year End Show events! Students and parents should be committed to attending Year End Show Pictures, Run Throughs, and Dress Rehearsal, as well as the weekly classes leading up to all of these events.

COMMITMENT: It’s the little choices everyday that lead to the final results we are striving for. Commitment is the first step to a successful Year End Show, and we believe that it is also a necessary component to success in life. It is our hope that we can instill values such as commitment in our students through experiences like the Year End Show in a way that is meaningful to them but still fun and exciting.