A new day has come where kids can learn to balance home life & activities…

In today’s atmosphere of raising kids and trying to figure out the best approach to address the changing times, it’s likely that you have thought about extracurricular activities and their impact on your kids. How much is too much? How much free time is too much? Is free time good? Is free time bad? Are after-school activities good? Are they bad?

You can probably find research to support both sides, but overall, research shows that a healthy balance of school work, free time, and activities that foster students’ passion and curiosity is the answer. But what exactly does balance mean?

Research shows that students do best when they have structure to their lives and they know what to expect, and that includes structured activities after school but it also means that students know, routinely, that they will have free time, too.

After-school activities such as dance, theatre, tumbling, athletics, music, art classes, etc. are a great way to keep students socially involved and active. They also serve a great purpose of helping to teach kids balance, a skill that will serve them throughout their entire lives.

As adults we have to decide what to say yes to. We can’t say yes to everything (although we seem to get ourselves in those predicaments sometimes). Our kids need to learn to do the same. Although it’s great for kids to try a variety of activities, in order to strike a healthy balance, they will have to be part of the decision-making process of what to say yes to, and what to say no to. And then, whatever they decide to say yes to, they will have to learn to balance against their other obligations such as school work, friends, church, and their family and home life. The sooner that we can help our kids learn about the importance of balance, the better!

Getting students involved in the arts at YPAC isn’t just “another thing” to add to the list of growing activities on your students’ schedules. Students who experience the arts are more likely to excel in academics, and it’s a great opportunity to help your students learn how to balance multiple obligations gracefully while still having fun.

Students, with our help, can balance activities, home life, and academics. It is not an impossibility and it is not detrimental to them–it is necessary. In fact, it is a key to success! Our students need us to come alongside them and teach them balance by allowing them to be part of things, join activities, and find their passion. Our students can succeed in their efforts and achieve balance as long as they have us to support them.

At YPAC, we are here to support your students and your family in finding balance between activities, home life, and academics. We understand that our students are learning how to do this and will need our guidance and support throughout the journey. We encourage our students to try new things, succeed in school, and spend time with their friends and families, in addition to enjoying and experiencing the arts, not exclusive from it!