What the YPAC parents are saying…

We are so proud of McKenzie. We are glad she’s found something she is so passionate about at an early age and that she has such wonderful teachers at YPAC to help her grow. Every year we document what McKenzie wants to be when she grows up at the beginning and end of school. This year she has said she wants to be a Dance Teacher and I know it’s because of the wonderful role models she has in you and Miss Kaityn. Her time here at YPAC is invaluable and we appreciate everything you do.

First of all- thank you so much for allowing me to fill in while Savi’s daddy is out of town. He’s just started a new job, so there was no way around this trip! We really appreciate your help so that he can still participate!

Second- I just wanted to say that I love what you’ve accomplished with YPAC. Every event we’ve attended, class Savi has participated in, teacher or staff we’ve come across– everything is top notch. I’m so excited that Savi has joined such an amazing community at such a young age- I know that she’ll do great things with YPAC. Great job Mama!!!

-Kristen Preuss

Just a quick note to say great job on the YES Music performance.  We enjoyed seeing all that has been accomplished by both the kids and leaders!

I particularly appreciated Miss Emily’s comments at the end of the program about modestly, confidence and the age appropriate nature of all that was presented.  I had noticed these things during the program and was impressed, having them called out for all those present was a special bonus.

 Thank you for creating such a great community for growth and connection.

– Lenora Salazar

Top notch instruction, caring compassionate mentors, and the empowering message that they give to the kids…all of this in a friendly environment with families that value giving back to the community over winning competitions…my pac is YPAC!

– Bridget

Modesty, grace, compassion, hard work, determination and professional instruction are what my kids have learned and experienced. Some things that I think is irreplaceable.

– Carin

Awesome! SO excited to have this offered in our area…an answer to prayers!

– Lisa B.

My son, Dominyk, who is 4 years old has autism spectrum disorder. After some reassurance and support from the staff, he let me leave the room so he could practice with the other kids. Thanks YPAC for putting a smile on my son’s face and being so patient with him!

– Monica Z.

We choose YPAC because we love the family-friendly atmosphere, the amazing teachers who have high expectations of every child who walks through the doors but teach them with kindness and acceptance. We love the high quality options and being part of a community that feels more like a family, and most of all that YPAC is teaching our children to be responsible leaders and to change the world for the better.

– Beth

Very talented music instructors. The entire staff here is proactive and fantastic!

– Sandy


Thank you for the kind words about Claire! She was in pre-company at her last studio (and very close with her teachers and the owner) – when we moved she tried FIVE dance studios without feeling comfortable. After we found YPAC she immediately felt ‘at home’ and we have been very grateful for finding such a good fit.

– Alexis

The minute we walked through the doors of YPAC three years ago my kids immediately felt like they were part of a family! They are in an environment that makes them feel loved! The message YPAC teaches my kids mirror what we teach at home. Besides the amazing people that walk through the doors at YPAC, the dance education is out of this world! My kids grow with every experience and every class they take! Great teachers and great leadership!! My pac is YPAC!!!

– Carrie

We chose YPAC because every kids that walks in the door is important and a shining star. They are taught to treat others that way as well. The values we try to teach at home are taught at YPAC. All the teachers are wonderful and the atmosphere is welcoming. We love that YPAC is such a positive place to be.

– Patty

Just wrapped a wonderful weekend by watching some fantastic kiddos perform the play Elf Jr! Our community is blessed to have the Yorkville Performing Arts Center right here! In the words from Emily Weber (owner): It is not just about the performance, it is about life and learning how to support and encourage others. It is about learning how to pick yourself up and move forward if you fall down, having respect for yourself and others, and learning from each experience. It is about having fun! Miss Emily and her staff are strong role models for this kids and our community is very lucky to have them. Peter Pan is the next play. I can’t wait! Thank you YPAC! And in the words of Buddy the Elf “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

– Caron D.

As we have talked about before, Amelia has some muscle tone issues.  When she said she wanted to cheer I was not excited about putting her in one of those huge groups of girls that I have heard about.  It was so exciting for us when you opened the class at yPAC.  When the class started Amelia loved it from the start, but couldn’t put all the moves together to do even a forward roll.  Sometimes people or coaches look at her with pity or can’t understand why something that seems so simple could take such effort from an eight year old child.  Amanda never looked at Amelia like that.  She has worked with her going over and over the pieces of the puzzle for Amelia to complete a forward roll.  Last week Amelia got it!  She was so proud and I could see the joy on Miss Amanda’s face as well.  The other aspects of the class are helpful for Amelia too.  Learning dance moves and cheer moves all help her muscle memory and increase her confidence.  This also helps her socially with her friends at school.  Lots of them are very athletic and Amelia can sometimes feel a bit left out.  Since starting the cheer class she has exhibited more confidence with her friends, too.  Thank you so much for this program and for keeping the class open!
Alicia Gauss

Thank you for always being so positive and sharing your optimism!

Diane H.

Our girls had a great time and we really enjoyed the performance. Thank you soooo much.

Alan L.

Thank you! This is our first class at YPAC and I’m already impressed. You have great organization and are always super helpful. Brianna and I are really looking forward to next week!


VERY well organized getting all the excited kiddos to the right spot!

Beth H.

I know my family is looking forward to finishing this first year with YPAC and continuing this journey with YPAC into next year as well. All three of my children are excited to grow in dance/music through the guidance of very caring YPAC instructors!


We have going here since moving to Yorkville, almost 2 years ago. My little one loves it and so do I!

Rhena S.

Wonderful event! My daughter said, I want to come back next week to dance with them!

Stacy G.

Good morning Emily!   I wanted to tell you that Froska was so excited about your class last night!  From my perspective, not that I should expect anything less from you/YPAC, but I was over-the-moon impressed with all of the things you covered on the first night!  We sampled at another gym this summer for only 6 classes and the teachers did not teach the proper techniques and I was annoyed that in their last class the kids were playing duck, duck, goose!  You and YPAC are such a blessing to our community.  Thank you for all you do!
– Rebecca Lee, Dance Community Parent

I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing Isabel and Mateo during their classes this summer at YPAC.  Being a teacher, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them during the school year and they spend a lot of time at daycare.  Being able to participate in the Mommy and Me class and now watching them in the Teeny Tumblers was just what we needed. We will definitely be back for more classes in the future.

– Rebecca

I had total apprehension about walking in to a dance studio because I had heard stories about these ‘crazy dance moms’.  YPAC was the complete opposite; you, your staff and the other moms were so welcoming and engaging.  I cannot recommend YPAC enough… Keep it up – you guys are awesome!


My son doesn’t have a smile on his face in this picture but he actually had a GREAT time! The whole dancing in front of others is out of his comfort zone, but not on this day! That just tells me what an amazing staff you have at YPAC!

– Heather M.

Hello Emily-First off, please let me tell you how impressed I was with what you had to say at the Elf Parent Meeting night. I will be honest, I was hesitant to enroll my son in the production due to the fees involved but after hearing how completely invested you are with not only the production itself but also YPAC’s place in the community as a whole, I am not only happy we made the choice to enroll him but look forward to doing so again in the future! I was extremely impressed by you and your devotion to everything you spoke of. THANK YOU!
– Kristen Fapp, Theatre Community Parent


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