A New Day Has Come…

A new day has come where achieving greatness means mastering the basics. Being great is everyone’s dream, right? It’s what we work for. No one says, “one day I want to be mediocre at this”. While everyone has different reasons for what they do, one thing holds true across the board, we inherently want to be great at something.

The hard part with this is the process. So often we want to rush right to the “great” part with little care or concern for how we get there. Don’t get me wrong, most people are ok with working hard to achieve their goals. The hang up lies with the basics. Once we’ve learned them, we move on and rarely look back. We develop our own style and way of working but sometimes fall into bad habits and cut corners because we’ve left the basics to the beginners.

The truth is the basics will ALWAYS matter. It’s the difference between good and great. Mastering the basics perfects technique and perfected technique creates greatness. You can master the basics of many things in life. These here are my top 10 examples for mastering the basics of auditioning.

  1. Apply every correction given in class as if it’s directed to you.
  2. Practice picking up the combination in class quicker.
  3. Ask your teacher what you can be working on over the next month.
  4. Set yourself up a practice chart (the disinfecting dashboard in the Collective booklet is perfect).
  5. Find a practice/accountability partner.
  6. Put your goals in front of you where you can see them every day.
  7. Plan your “look”. Set out your dance wear, hair supplies and shoes ahead of time.
  8. Visualize yourself on that day having a great time and doing your best!
  9. The audition doesn’t end with the audition…there are always callbacks. Practice at home after the audition is over to fine tune anything you were not comfortable with or that needed extra practice.
  10. Remember every audition is another opportunity to learn something more about yourself. Don’t get bitter, get better.

We all have greatness in us, but it takes mastering the basics to reveal it. If you ever find yourself in a rut or treading water, bring it back to where you began. And if you are just beginning your journey, take your time. Master the basics to achieve greatness.