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Music Lessons

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Your child will experience rhythm, strumming, new instruments and vocal exercises through this fun and exploratory program. Music Pups is a music class offered for ages infant-4 years old. Parents join in on the fun and spend quality time with your little one. Click here to here register.

Group Music Performing Groups:

Students gain confidence and experience through our group music performing groups. Children’s Choir, Drum Ensemble and the Band Experience are three of our most popular groups for children and adults.

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Students experience rhythm, strumming, new instruments and musical groups through the different classes offered here.

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Lessons are available for ages 4 and up depending on the instrument. We have instructors capable of teaching at all skill levels. We offer private instruction for a variety of instruments including voice, piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, and more! Check our current schedule for the latest instruments being offered. If you are interested in any other instruments, please let us know at

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