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Music Lessons

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Group Music Lessons

Learning music through observation is proven to enhance achievement. Students who are able to observe other students learning have an opportunity to process information and learn more easily. Group music lessons provide positive peer interaction. A group becomes a comfortable place to be, and since students like to keep up with their group, they tend to motivate each other. Students in groups regularly play music in front of others which reduces the fear of playing in public and is a great transition into private instruction. Group music lessons will not perform outside the classroom. If you are looking for performance opportunities, please see our Ensemble Experience. Depending on interest and availability, we offer group classes in a variety of disciplines.

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The Ensemble Experience

The ensemble experience is the perfect setting for any child wishing to learn music in a supportive group setting which develops both music and performance skills. These skills not only benefit musical upbringing, but enhance overall general education. YPAC is home to the following ensemble disciplines: Rock Ensembles, Vocal Ensembles, Keyboard Ensembles and Praise Ensembles. Students participating in an ensemble will have performance opportunities throughout the year. Private instruction may be required for participation in certain ensembles.

The Conservatory Experience

The conservatory experience is an invitation/ audition-based program that prepares students to use their musical gifts outside of the classroom. Students who are looking to take their musical talents to the next level, have multiple performance opportunities as well begin playing for the other YPAC Communities, contact the YPAC office for more information.

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Skills Development

For more advanced students, private attention is needed to work on micro issues such as fingering, as well as finer points of expression and interpretation. Issues such as technique are also better dealt with privately. With multiple music rooms going at a time, we do our best to schedule lessons at a convenient time for your family. Simultaneous lessons for multiple children in your family are possible if our schedule and instructor availability allows.

Music Classes

Private Lesson Experience

Individual Attention: Private Music Lessons focus on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Instruments are a multi-sensory, complex activity requiring learning by ear, eye, touch and intellectual understanding. Each student combines these elements differently. Private lessons go at the student’s learning pace, stopping whenever necessary to review concepts, repeat material, or explore a topic the student shows an interest in.