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Cheer & Gymnastics

Your Performing Arts Center (YPAC) is a family-oriented, artistic hub for children’s dance, music, theatre, cheer and gymnastics programs located in Yorkville and Plainfield, IL. If your child expresses an interest in competing or performing on stage, you have come to the right place! It is YPAC’s privilege to nurture your son or daughter’s passion for the performing arts through professional camps and classes. We offer a variety of cheer and gymnastics programs based on participant age and skill level.

Participating in performance classes gives children the opportunity to develop valuable life skills that carry into adulthood. Both cheer and gymnastics teach children the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. If your child learns to love physical activity at a young age, they are more likely to enjoy exercise as an adult. Being active also reduces your child’s risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in life.

Face-to-face communication is another major benefit of enrolling your young performer into a YPAC cheer or gymnastics camp. Nowadays, much of our daily communication happens via the internet or cell phones. Our programs allow your child to build invaluable interpersonal skills, through interacting face-to-face with teammates of similar ages. Joining one of our performing arts programs also enhances your son or daughter’s ability to follow instructions, function in a team setting and respect others.

Our professional instructors strive to demonstrate the importance of safety and teamwork when executing all stunts and routines. YPAC strategically tailors its cheer and gymnastics lessons to help children improve their overall strength, coordination and balance. We encourage you to sign your child up for a program at one of our performing arts centers not only to teach them important life skills, but also for fun! Our caring staff loves working with children and watching them grow into talented, determined performers.

Cheer and Gymnastics